Introducing Me

Hi, I’m Sarah Smith.  I write things.

In about two months, I’m going to have a new book out, The Other Side of Dark. It’s my first YA novel--not a difference in writing, but a big difference in the editing and publishing process.  You'll hear.

Currently I’m writing:
  • A novel about the Titanic, African American New York culture in 1912, and trust in marriage--at least that’s what it’s about today.
  • A play, based on my novel Chasing Shakespeares
  • A proposal for a book about mind invasion (Inception, anyone?)
I’m also trying to face up to a project that’s going to make me interview people whose children have been murdered.  Really scary.  I don’t want to.

In my day life, I do customer service for the Mastering group at Pearson.  So I also write articles, create videos, and fix lots and lots of issues for customers.  When you’re registering for MasteringPhysics, MasteringChemistry, MasteringEngineering, and all those, and something goes wrong, and you put in a ticket to get it fixed?  That would be me.  And many other skilled people, thank goodness.

Most recently published thing is a story, “The Boys Go Fishing,” in Death's Excellent Vacation, edited by Charlaine Harris and Toni L.P. Kelner.  A fun project, not only because the story was a hoot to write, but because the anthology is doing very well:  #8 on the NY Times List, also on the PW, USA Today, and Bookwire bestseller lists!

This is why my new iPad is named Charlaine.

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