Well, everyone else hated it, but for me,  Peter Jackson turns CGI into poetry.  I had some real reservations about the script...
SPOILER ALERT just in case you've spent the last few years with your head culturally in a bag

...do you really want to spend eternity in heaven with the other victims of your serial killer?  This strikes me as an insufficient basis for an eternal friendship, even among the truly cliched Girls that the other victims are, boo hiss...
but the acting is excellent all through.  Mark Wahlberg does a tremendous job as the father. 

And there is one moment that would be worth seeing the film for even if the rest was considerably less accomplished than it is.  At the end of the film, Susie finally gets her first kiss from her dream boyfriend.  And, heartbreakingly, it's obvious that he's now too old for her.  He's gone on to have a later and more mature relationship, and Susie never will.  Tragedy off the back of the wrist, all the more powerful for being made nothing of. 

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